Hello, District VI!

I truly hope you are all enjoying your summer and still have a couple of weeks to rest and relax before the school year takes off.

This email is just a reminder of our upcoming annual meeting on Monday, August 21st at 6:00 PM at the Kurn Hattin School in Westminster, VT (thanks for hosting, Lisa!). If you have any new teachers in your district, please invite them to this meeting!!!

FYI, I am currently trying to secure a conductor for the Fall Festival HS Jazz Choir. We are still seeking someone to step in as manager for this ensemble. Please consider this, and hopefully at the August meeting we will have both a conductor and a manager in place.

If you have any agenda items that I should add prior to this meeting, please let me know. Attached is the 2017-2018 District VI Year-at-a-Glance as well as a link to our website for your reference: http://d6cvmfa.org.


Thanks everyone,

Danielle Conerty

(VMEA District VI President)