This page features forms, scale sheets, and other downloads, as well as resources available only to registered users after log in.

1. Festival Acceptance Form and Invoice

Download this form to accompany your payment for students participating in the festival. Mail this form along with your payment to the TREASURER by the appropriate PARTICIPATION FEES deadline listed in the CALENDAR.

2. Conductor Contract

Managers can download this form to send to the conductor. Don't forget to verify the current stipend and reimbursement rates with the TREASURER ($450, $.54 per mile, food but no alcohol -- as of 11/30/2016) and to get the contract signed by the association president. Two versions of the contract are available:

  1. PDF version which includes sample details showing what information needs to be included.
  2. WORD version which may be completed and printed from computer.

3. NewsBank Facilities Map

We're very grateful to NewsBank Inc. for their support in providing lodging options for conductors. Download a map of their facilities HERE.

4. Reimbursement Form

Getting reimbursed for mileage, meals or other in your official capacity serving the district? Download a reimbursement form HERE.

5. Past Festival Programs

Quickly see repertoire performed at festivals over the past few years. Programs are organized chronologically within a single PDF document. Download that document HERE.

6. Nomination Forms for District VI CVMFA Recognition

Do you know someone deserving of recognition? Download the District VI CVMFA recognition form OR make your own copy of the form as an editable Google Doc, and submit your nominations as soon as possible to our District President:

  • CVMFA District VI President: Danielle Conerty
  • School: Hartford High School
  • Mailing Address: 37 Highland Avenue, White River Jct., VT 05001
  • Phone: 802.295.8620 ext. 136
  • Email: