1. Attend all VMEA Executive Board meetings; District VI will pay for mileage.
  2. Attend and preside over all District VI meetings.
  3. Introduce all festival performances.
  4. For each meeting, coordinate presentations by the secretary, treasurer, ensemble managers, festival hosts, and other reports concerning District VI.
  5. Update district handbook and distribute at the annual August meeting to begin the new school year. Mail the handbook to those not attending the meeting.
  6. Contact all participating school principals at the beginning of each school year to let them know of all district audition and festival dates prior to the start of the new school year.
  7. Contact any new members of the district either verbally or in writing prior to the start for the new school year.
  8. Check with managers and treasurer to see that all fees and forms have been received by the given due dates.
  9. Contract with host schools for fall and winter festivals.
  10. Serve a two-year position.
  11. Select and present an award to the outstanding music educator of the district.


  1. Take minutes of all meetings and distribute to all district teachers.
  2. Send agendas and maps for upcoming meetings to all district teachers.
  3. Keep historical book up to date and bring to festivals.
  4. Retain copies of festival programs for future reference.
  5. Serve a two-year position.


  1. Keep an accurate ledger record of the district's finances.
  2. Pay all bills (by check) and record all transactions.
  3. Receive all fees for festival participation from each school.
  4. Present written financial statement for distribution at each district meeting.
  5. Have checks ready for conductors and accompanist at conclusion of festivals.
  6. Prepare cash-boxes for all festival performances and collect admission fees.
  7. Stay aware of current financial status, and alert president of any problems.
  8. Serve a two-year position.

Audition Hosts/Coordinators:

  1. Secure proper number of audition rooms; two with piano, one with percussion equipment: timpani, drum set, etc.
  2. Set up and monitor information/check-in desk.
  3. Provide map of audition areas and monitors for each room.
  4. Provide "directors room" for munchies and coffee (teachers & adjudicators only).
  5. Obtain adjudicators for each audition room.
  6. Obtain score sheets from last audition host.
  7. Provide adjudicators with appropriate sight singing material.
  8. Compile schedule.
  9. Mail schedule, sample score sheets, sight-reading material and audition piece to adjudicators prior to the auditions.
  10. Let vocal judges know they should be prepared to sing with incomplete quartets.
  11. Give a copy of judges' preference sheets to all managers.


  1. Be positive; keep comments constructive and supportive.
  2. Show respect and concern for the auditioning student.
  3. Provide encouragement.
  4. Be professional in your evaluation. Vocal adjudicators should not compare the auditioned voice to other voices in the quartet.
  5. Follow audition guidelines outlined in the handbook.
  6. Provide reasonable time for sight-reading.
  7. Check that students are using an original copy of the audition piece; photocopy use results in disqualification.
  8. Instrumentalists' scales must be played from memory with correct articulation and rhythm.
  9. Vocal adjudicators must be able to sing their part, to replace missing voices from incomplete quartets.

Ensemble Managers:

  1. Obtain guest conductor for specific group and festival.
  2. Guest Conductor will sign a copy of the guest conductor contract provided in the handbook.
  3. To the guest conductor, send copies of past programs to suggest levels of difficulty and prevent duplication for music performed in recent festivals, suggest to guest conductor to plan a program that does not exceed 25-30 minutes and urge the guest conductor, whenever possible, to select music from the District library, VMEA library, etc.
  4. Obtain from the guest conductor:
    1. music selected for the program
    2. program order
    3. seating arrangements and instrumentation
    4. special percussion and instrumental needs
    5. professional biographical information for the program
    6. special personal needs, if any
  5. Upon receipt of information from guest conductor, pass same on to festival host.
  6. Obtain, in conjunction with host, accommodations/lodging for the guest conductor.
  7. Obtain accompanist.
  8. Obtain, record and distribute music for ensemble, leaving ample time for festival.
  9. Make copies of the Concert Recording Order Form and include this form in every participant's folder of music.
  10. Tabulate score sheets following auditions and determine instrumentation and voicing of ensembles.
  11. Following auditions, mail results and adjudication sheets to all schools.
  12. Send list of participating students and their respective schools to the festival host.
  13. Notify president and treasurer of any student cancellations.
  14. Retain receipts of expenses for reimbursement.
  15. Coordinate concert attire of conductor and accompanist.
  16. Introduce the ensemble and conductor at the performance.
  17. Collect, collate and return music after the festival.
  18. Send bills and missing music to the appropriate director(s); collect the money and turn it in to the treasurer.
  19. High School Jazz manager will provide sight-reading material for the audition.
  20. Managers will coordinate with the host school procedures for lockdown and evacuation of the building.
  21. District VI will provide for manager's dinner either Friday or Saturday night.

Guest Conductor and Accompanists:

  1. Each guest conductor will choose his/her own concert program, with the assistance of the ensemble manager.
  2. If there is a problem with any aspect of the program, the manager will contact the conductor as soon as possible.
  3. Each guest conductor will have all meals paid for, as well as lodging on the night before the concert if so chosen.
  4. The honorarium for conducting is $450.00 plus mileage at the budgeted rate and expenses (see budget).
  5. Each accompanist, so chosen by the ensemble manager and approved by the district president, will receive an honorarium of $175.00.

Festival Hosts:

  1. Establish rehearsal area and arrange transportation if needed.
  2. Provide any needed equipment for the festival, including:
    1. music stands
    2. risers - instrumental and or choral
    3. repair kit
    4. percussion equipment
  3. Provide estimated cost for meals, etc. to treasurer and president.
  4. Provide publicity to local newspapers, TV, and radio prior to the festival.
  5. Receive all program information from the managers and have the program printed.
  6. Tune piano(s).
  7. Provide custodial services.
  8. Provide a separate room for teachers' lounge and meeting area.
  9. Provide refreshments for conductors and teachers.
  10. Provide registration table, schedules and nametags for all participants.
  11. Arrange for set-up and teardown crew for the concert.
  12. Alert president to any cancellations or postponements.
  13. Be present at all times during the festival.
  14. Alert all teachers and students to special rules and regulations that pertain especially to the host school.
  15. Coordinate take-out lunches for teachers/conductors.
  16. Coordinate with ensemble managers an emergency or lockdown plan if the need arises.